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Fortunately, you don't need an excuse to wear a ring. Whilst rings are a perfect jewelry accessory when you are celebrating an occasion, everyday life is also enhanced by the jewelry we wear. Jewelry often evokes fond memories of people, places, events, and times-past, making it the perfect gift to remind us of the things that are important in our everyday lives.


Olivia Davenport's range of everyday rings encompasses a wide variety of styles and fashions.


Many everyday rings also have matching or complimentary jewelry. Because Olivia Davenport's Collections (accessed via the menu bar) include everyday rings, we have listed them all here so that everything can be seen conveniently in one place. To find matching and complimentary jewelry, look through the collections after selecting your everyday ring, or contact us to make suggestions for you. We are always delighted to help you choose the right pieces for your jewelry collection. The Wishlist is also great way to do this. You can add and remove items as you build your collection, and only buy when you are completely happy with your selection.


Please note that whilst all our colored gemstones are natural and not laboratory grown, some topaz has had its color inhanced using the same industry standard techniques that are used on most brightly colored topaz. This enhancement is perminant and will never change. This applies only to the bright topaz colors and not to our other gemstones which all have 100% natural color.


You can choose from White, Rose, or Yellow Gold

Most jewelry can be made in either white, rose, or yellow gold, or any combination if there are two colors in the design.

Each listing has a dropdown for you to select your preference.


Choose your ring size very carefully

Each ring has a dropdown where you can select from twelve popular sizes.

If you have special size requirements, please contact us as we can usually do custom sizing.

For more information on Ring Sizing, click here.



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