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Playing with lines, loops, and flowing patterns is a passion of Olivia Davenport’s design team. The human mind is attracted to beautiful flowing lines. Whether it is a pattern we see in a tree, the shape of a cloud, the loop a leaf makes when blown in the wind, or the course of a stream, we are fascinated by these patterns. From a simple bow to a rich tapestry of interwoven lines, our designers were inspired to create the Infinite Ribbons Collection.


You can choose from White, Rose, or Yellow Gold
Most jewelry can be made in either white, rose, or yellow gold, or any combination if there are two colors in the design.
Each listing has a dropdown for you to select your preference.


Choose your ring size very carefully.
More information in our FAQs.


A Note About Pendants and Chains
All 14k pendants include a chain, which will be in the same style as shown on the photograph, and the same color of gold as chosen for the pendant itself.
All 18k pendants don't include a chain. Each listing has a dropdown option to add a chain if required, in either 16" (405mm) or 18" (457mm).
Chains are box-style (as shown in the pendant photographs) and come in white, rose, or yellow gold.


Necklaces all include the chains shown in their photographs.



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