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Do we really keep this much inventory to hand ?


Of course not. We have a large inventory at any one time, but not everything
in every size, in every one of our global locations, at any one moment.


When we receive an order, we look to see if we have that piece locally
in our ready-made stock. Usually, for popular items and common ring
sizes, we will have it ready to go. If not, we have to go to order from
one of our gold foundries where they cast the design in the gold colour
(and size, in the case of rings) you chose when you made the order.
The item then needs cleaning, setting and polishing to a fine finish.
This is usually completed by oneof our experts in 3 to 4 weeks and
makes the piece ‘made-to-order’.


It is because of this gold, diamond, and time investment by our
workers that made-to-order pieces can't be refunded.

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