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Olivia Davenport is a precious jewelry business run by a dedicated team of talented jewellers and gemstone experts, managed by highly experienced specialists in the jewelry business.

At the core of Olivia Davenport are the philosophies and ideals of Olivia herself. We hold Olivia’s ideals very close to our hearts, and they form the very basis of the work principles that we live by today.

Olivia Davenport ran her business how she lived her life; constantly pushing for excellence at every level, being at the forefront of the cutting-edge, and leading by example. She believed that design should be innovative, trend-setting, delectably lavish, and stylish to the highest degree. She was passionate about the Earth, and everything that lived upon it. She believed in fairness and opportunity for everyone and everything. Every day needed a positive result, and everyone should be happy with that result. She insisted, as we all do at the organisation that bears her name, that life is a win-win and if it isn’t you’re doing it wrong.

Olivia Davenport is the precious jewelry partner of fellow jewelry businesses, Roméo Beaux (semi-precious jewelry), and Mila Jacobs (wedding jewelry).


Olivia in 1967 


Olivia Davenport

Olivia Davenport was a wild-child of the swinging sixties. When she opened her first studio in the shadow of Windsor Castle in March 1967, the Summer of Love was about to take off, and young people would never be the same again. Her strong-willed rebellious attitude was a hit in London’s thriving youth culture, and soon she was the talk of Carnaby Street and Campden Town. It appears that she was also hit elsewhere in British society. She would recount stories about people ‘high up in Windsor’ who would drop by her studio to pick through her designs over a cup of tea, or even a sneaky gin and tonic. She became the jewelry go-to girl for the likes of Mary Quant and Oscar de la Renta, and became a staple of the Monte Carlo and St. Tropez catwalks. Her style and her designs became defining of the age, and contributed in many ways to the jewelry fashions of today.

Following several high-profile relationships, shefell in love with an old schoolmate from Windsor whom she married in 1973, bearing twins in 1975. The eighties were Olivia’s family years, mostly spent on her estate in Windsor Great Park, raising her family. Being the dynamic woman that she was, Olivia was able to grow her business significantly during this period, as well as provide a constant flow of custom jewelry for her beloved private customers.

Determined to focus more on her family, estate, and private customers, in 1991 she sold the ready-made arm of her business to New York jeweller Mila Jacobs and Parisian jeweller Romeo Beaux. This led to the opening of her first US offices in New York and Beverly Hills. A studio in San Francisco opened in 1995, and Paris and Berlin studios soon followed. The new millennia saw expansion into the Middle East and Asia, with offices opening in Dubai, Moscow, and Hong Kong, the latter becoming a production-base for many of her lines. This enabled her and her dedicated team of highly skilled to focus on unique one-off designs for her private customers, based out of her original Windsor studio.

When Olivia passed away in 2009 the world lost an innovator and boundary-pusher who had helped define her generation. Her obituary in The Times of London described her as ‘having finally broken the mould of contemporary British jewellery design in an age where mould-breaking was all the rage.’



Olivia in 2006



We honour Olivia's legacy and make sure that everything at Olivia Davenport is done in a way that would make her proud. We share the passion she had for innovation and leading by example. She had a very strong will, and we are very grateful for that. We follow her ideals. She believed in fairness, the beauty and sanctity of nature, and the importance of aesthetics to instil happiness and contentment. She taught us to never underestimate the importance of youth in shaping the future. She always said, ‘listen to kids – they have a clearer vision of the future because they’ll be there long after we’ve given up on it.’

One of Olivia’s core business philosophies was to always challenge convention. As she would say, “even if it doesn’t actually change anything, at least it will get you noticed.”




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