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Your satisfaction and peace-of-mind is our guarantee.

Since 1967, Olivia Davenport has placed customer satisfaction above all else.
It is what guides every decision we make, from design to delivery.
This is one reason we have grown so successfully and have so many
happy repeat-customers all over the world.

These are some of the assurances you can count on;


Unbeatable Pricing Guarantee

We guarantee that you won’t find the same item for sale anywhere else,
online or otherwise, at a cheaper price than you purchased it for.
In the extremely unlikely event that you do, we will happily refund
the difference. This guarantee is good for thirty days from the date of purchase.

Lifetime Diamond and Gemstone Guarantee

We give a 100% refund guarantee that all our diamonds and precious/semi-
precious stones are natural and of the described quality, color, size and cut.

Workmanship Guarantee

If any of the stones in your jewelry become chipped or fall out
during the first twelve months, or the stone mounting fails,
we will fix the item and/or replace the stones.
This may be easier to do with a local jeweller than to ship back to us.
Contact us to arrange a solution.
We can contact your local jeweller if necessary.
Please note that for this guarantee to remain valid, an up-to-date
six month inspection and maintenance certificate from any certified
jeweller is required, and the item must be subject to a normal amount
of wear and tear. Excessive wear and tear or careless use of your
jewelry item can void this guarantee.

Seven Day Money Back Guarantee

 If for any reason you are not 100% delighted with your purchase
from Olivia Davenport, you can return it (as long as it is in its original
condition and packaging with all documentation) within seven days
of receiving it for a full refund. Please refer to our Easy-Refunds
page for more information.

Ninety Day Exchange-At-Cost Guarantee

You may trade in your jewelry purchase within ninety days for a bigger
and better piece, at your original purchase price, as long as the piece
you are trading back is of resaleable quality. The new piece must be
at least double the price of the original piece being traded.
Contact us for more details.

Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee

Over the years we have seen how customers like to upgrade their jewelry
to bigger and better pieces as time passes. We will happily accept a piece
purchased from us, however old, which is of resaleable quality, in part
exchange for another piece from our inventory. The new piece must be
at least double the purchase price of the original piece being traded, and
the traded piece will be deemed, if of resaleable quality,
to have depreciated thus;
Ninety-one days to one year old – 10%
One to two years old – 25%
Two to three years old – 40%
Over three years old – 50%

Contact us for more details.


Olivia Davenport Guarantee Register

Your purchase and guarantees are placed on the Olivia Davenport Register,
should they need to be referenced in the future. This is useful should you
wish to claim on any of the above guarantees, or if you need proof of
purchase and purchase price for your own insurance needs.



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