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Diamonds is our thing...


It has been since 1967 when Olivia Davenport purchased her first packet
of diamonds for a local jewelry commission.


Since then, Olivia and her team have worked with almost every shape,
size, color, and grade of diamond imaginable. With that much experience,
we are very confident with the knowledge and wisdom we have gained,
and with our ability to source the best quality diamonds at the best prices.
We use diamonds that are graded G-H in color, which means colorless
like you imagine a good diamond to be. This grade is above average
for diamonds under 1ct. As far as their clarity is concerned, they are
graded VS2 to SI1. Again, this is above average, and usually
associated with diamonds of over 1ct.


In both color and clarity, our diamonds are clearly a cut above the rest.
At Olivia Davenport, we always seek to exceed standards and expectations.


There are no treatments, enhancements, or fracture filling with
any of our diamonds. We just choose great natural diamonds
for our beautiful jewelry designs.


Please visit our Ethical Sourcing page for information

about how we source our gemstones.


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