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By using the oliviadavenport.com website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined below,
and also by the provisions of Olivia Davenport’s Privacy and Security Policy.


Olivia Davenport reserves the right at any time to change or add to this website, including the terms and conditions.



For information about payments please refer to our Secure Payment Methods page.

All products remain the property of Olivia Davenport until paid in full including all costs added as a result
of shipping, taxes, disputes, and legal costs.
Any returned payments or chargebacks after items have been sent will result in immediate criminal proceedings.
Stealing is a very serious offense and we always prosecute to the full extent of the law.
All costs incurred in recovering products or money owed will be charged to the customer and will become due immediately.
Late fees and interest charges up to the legal maximum allowed by law can be charged at the discretion of oliviadavenport.com,
by its owners, or by third parties hired by oliviadavenport.com to recover the goods or money owed.

Cancelling Your Order

We have worked a 24 hour ‘cooling off’ period into our dispatch, transit, and delivery times, in case you change your mind.
It is absolutely imperative that you let us know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your order.
Once your order has been started by our smiths (if it needs to be made-to-order), and especially once it has been shipped,
there is no way of cancelling it prior to it being delivered.
You still have a chance of using our Seven Day Money Back Guarantee once you receive the goods if you decide you still
no longer want them.
This is conditional on whether your order qualifies for returns as outlined below.
Again, let us know as soon as you’re certain you want to return your item, so that we can start the returns process.


Please note. The following items cannot be returned or refunded;

Sale items where the item is discounted more than 50% off the retail price.
Items that have been ‘Made to Order’.
Items that have been worn. Our experts will easily determine if this has been the case.
Items that have been altered in any way since they left our office. This includes but is not limited to, ring-sizing,
hallmarking, stone replacement, and re-polishing.
As soon as we have received the item back and it has been checked by one of our experts, you will receive a refund in full.
We will only refund the amount you paid us, and not return shipping costs or any taxes and/or duties paid.
Return shipping including all costs is the responsibility of the customer. Obviously we cannot refund items we don’t receive.

Please note. Items that are returned and then found by our experts to have been worn, or damaged as a result of excessive wear
and tear, will not be refunded. Under these circumstances, the item will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.

For more information about returns please refer to our Hassle-Free Returns page.


The date of shipping depends on stock availability.
For further information on this, please refer to the About Our Inventory page.
For made-to-order items, shipping can only take place after manufacturing, which itself takes 3 to 4 weeks.
Please allow seven to ten business days for delivery once it has been shipped.
All orders will receive a tracking number, and a link to the carrier’s website.
We try to ship locally from one of our regional offices around the world.
If your item is shipped from overseas, import taxes may be payable.
We will inform you at checkout if this is a possibility. You can then give us any special instructions.
The buyer is responsible for all import taxes and duties.
Failure to pay or comply with import regulations, resulting in seizure of the goods by customs, is entirely the responsibility
of the buyer.
We will only ship to your chosen shipping address.
It must be possible for you to sign for the package when it arrives at this address. This is the responsibility of the buyer.
We will check that it is a valid shipping address before we despatch your order.
FedEx, UPS, and DHL office addresses are accepted for local pick-up.
Only the person whose name appears in the ‘Ship To’ address will be able to receive the parcel and must have a photo ID available
at time of delivery or pick-up.
We cannot ship to PO Boxes or any other Mailing Box addresses.

For more information about shipping, please refer to our Free Shipping Worldwide page.

Product Appearance Discrepancies

Computer screens, as well as human eyesight, can vary considerably. This can be because of lighting conditions, as well as
numerous other factors. It may affect the way products appear.
We do the very best we can to accurately portray all our products and especially the colours, based on the resources we have
available to us.
Olivia Davenport can therefore not be held responsible for any colour discrepancies or misunderstandings the customer has
based on their own screen settings or eyesight.
Although we strive for consistency with our products, the stones are all natural and as such, slight variations in colour
and clarity may occur. This is completely normal, and we do our utmost to minimise this.


All content on oliviadavenport.com is protected under international copyright laws.
All images and wording contained within this website are subject to copyright and must not be used or reproduced without
express written permission from Olivia Davenport.
Any breach of copyright will result in legal action being undertaken.

Links To Other Websites

This website may contain links to other websites, which we have no control over.
While we do our best to monitor everything concerning oliviadavenport.com, we cannot be responsible for anything that
happens away from this website.
This includes the protection and privacy of any information you provide to these third-party websites.


In the unlikely event of a dispute over stock or payment, Olivia Davenport will pursue whatever means it deems necessary
to come to a closure in the quickest possible time.
We will always attempt to resolve a dispute amicably, as this is the way we always prefer to work.
In the event that this doesn’t yield a satisfactory result, we reserve the right to involve third parties to help bring
the dispute to a satisfactory close.


Purchasing from oliviadavenport.com is an acknowledgement that you have read and are aware of our terms and conditions.
The information contained on this website is provided in good faith and to the best of our knowledge the information is
accurate and current.
Olivia Davenport reserves the right to change any detail on the website at any time, including prices.
All names, characters, and stories portrayed on this website are fictitious and have been created for the purpose of branding.
No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, times, and buildings is intended or should be inferred.

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